XTOOLS consists of six calculators commonly used by the oil industry. Theta has grouped these calculators into a single software package that provides convenience and consistency.

    • SPM Calculator:

      Use this module to calculate the strokes per minute (SPM) you need for a specific motor sheave diameter and gearbox reducer ratio.

    • Motor Sheave Calculator:

      Use this module to calculate the motor sheave size you need to get the target SPM you want. Typically, after running RODSTAR to design a new system or to make changes to an existing system, you can use this XTOOLS module to determine what standard motor sheave size you need to get as close as possible to the SPM calculated by RODSTAR. The program knows what standard sheave sizes are available and uses this information to accurately calculate the sheave size you need and how the SPM will be affected when a standard size sheave is used. This module also calculates the belt velocity, belt length, and V-Belt size you need. Expert knowledge of recommended belt velocity ranges is used to warn you if the belt velocity is too low or too high.

    • Gas Anchor Designer:

      With this module you can calculate everything you need for a successful Poor-Boy gas anchor installation. From the SPM, downhole pump stroke (from RODSTAR, XDIAG or RODDIAG), plunger size, and casing size, the program calculates the pump displacement, minimum number of mud anchor slots, the dip tube size you need, the minimum number of dip tube slots, and the dip tube length you need. It also calculates the downward liquid flow rate to ensure it is equal to or less than the target rate you entered.

    • Tubing Anchor Calculator:

      This module calculates the tubing anchor overpull and equivalent tubing stretch required to correctly set a tension type tubing anchor. By correctly setting the tubing anchor, you can help minimize tubing buckling which causes rod-tubing wear. This utility uses the calculations recommended by Arthur Lubinski and K.A. Blenkarn in their famous paper titled “Buckling of Tubing in Pumping Wells, Its Effects and Means for Controlling It.”

    • Polished Rod Picker:

      This module is a tool for selecting the most accurate Polished Rod for your rod pumping system. It calculates polished rod loading using a batch process and offers many different solutions for selecting the appropriate polished rod. It can also analyze a single polished rod, which may be used in an existing well, for overloading and recommend alternative options. This module uses system parameters such as wellbore condition, sucker rod to polished rod coupling compatibility, cyclic loading, and total required polished rod length to recommend or analyze polished rods for your system.

    • Pump Slippage Calculator:

      This module calculates pump slippage, which is the loss of production caused by fluid passing the plunger through the clearance between the plunger and barrel. With this calculator, you will be able to determine the pump slippage for full pumps, fluid pound, and gas interference. Input for this module include specific pump specifications which allow it to be used for virtually every linear reciprocating pump.